DeepDish GigBook 2.0

We’ve just released DeepDish GigBook 2.0. You can now link to your Dropbox account, batch edit composers, genres and collections, tweet a scores or set list, and zoom through pages with an updated page rendering engine. On top all that it’s got a pretty new look! We’ll have some videos up shortly.

Not just another sheet music reader for the iPad. This one is different.


DeepDish GigBook turns your iPad into a truly accessible mobile musical library, keeping your scores, songbooks, charts, and lyric sheets at the tip of your fingers, ready at a moment’s notice. With its powerful organizing features you can sort your music to fit your individual needs. Keep all your songbooks in one place with “Collections”. Compile scores into infinite personalized Binders. Create dynamic Set Lists. Carry 100’s or 1000’s of scores with you wherever you play. DeepDish GigBook is built specifically with the performing musician in mind, with tools and a user interface no other sheet music reader offers.

Add, Sort and Organize

  1. Simple and intuitive design

  2. Works with most PDF scores for cross platform compatibility.

  3. Search for titles, composers, genres and notes

  4. Unlimited organization for all your scores with custom binders

  5. Pull individual scores from large books to use in binders or set lists

Notes and Data

  1. Assign composer, genre, tempo, time & key signatures to each score

  2. Add and view typed notes

  3. Quickly make handwritten notes, fingerings and markings directly on the scores with precision and ease.

  4. Link scores with audio tracks on your iPad for reference, practice or performance.

Ready for the Stage

  1. The most powerful and easy to use set list creator for the iPad

  2. Set Lists are independent of one another for ultimate flexibility

  3. Create charts, notes, handwritten stage directions and view them alongside your PDF scores

  4. Support for both Bluetooth & USB foot pedals like AirTurn BT-105 & PageFlip Cicada

  5. Performer’s Metronome - Designed specially for stage use with an auto-off timer, tap in tempo, and fully customized to each individual score.

  6. Performance Mode - which allows you to seamlessly view your set list, notes, and scores in an eloquent and easy to read format.

View and Share with Band Mates

  1. Scores always appear in full screen

  2. Zoom - Pinch in & out, or use one or two finger tap gestures

  3. Email individual scores or entire set lists with attached scores

More to Come

We are working tirelessly to add more features musicians need when performing. Follow us on Twitter, Facebook or on our Blog to keep up with new features and developments.

DeepDish GigBook has been in the top 20 iPad Paid Music Apps and has reached as high as number 6! It debuted in New and Noteworthy, has been a featured music app by iTunes world wide, and is currently in the What’s Hot section on the iTunes App Store.

We use DeepDish GigBook everyday for every gig, every rehearsal, and in our classrooms. We think you’ll love DeepDish GigBook as much as we do. Try it. Let us know how you like it. And please tell us what you might need to make DeepDish GigBook even better.

Version 1.6 Out Now!